Auction Item Submission

Thank you for your interest in donating auction items to the Bob Huggins Fish Fry Auction!  In order to have your item(s) considered for inclusion, please complete and submit the following form by no later than Friday, January 13, 2023.

We ask that donors please submit one form per item, unless more than on duplicate items share a description, value, etc. OR multiple items are to be auctioned as a group/collection.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to submit at least three images of each unique item, each image taken from a different angle (top/bottom/side), in the best lighting possible.  If submitting a gift card or similar, consider submitting a screen capture or image of the business storefront, its logo, etc.

Note: the event team reserves the right to determine which submitted items are placed in the silent auction versus the limited and select-item live auction.

Should the event team have questions about your submission upon review, we will be in touch.